Anyone Remember The Bottle Bill?

The state’s Supreme Court does.

But first, a review.

A few years back, the state tried to raise some revenue and balance its budget by grabbing all of those unclaimed bottle deposits. (What are bottle deposits? Just look on the side of your soda (beer?) can. It tells you how much you get back if you return the bottle.) The law let the state take the unclaimed deposit money going forward in time. It also claimed some revenues going back four months from the enactment of the law.
Anyhow, some of the beverage makers sued, saying that the state couldn’t go back and claim back-in-time deposits. It won at the trial court (and got more than $5 million in damages).

But today, the Connecticut Supreme Court overturned that ruling and found in favor of the state. You can read the decision here. We’ll hopefully have more on the news tonight. (Here’s the story that aired.)


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