At Hartford City Hall, What’s It Mean To Leave Your Job?

For those not keeping up, Jared Kupiec used to be the chief of staff for Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra.  And he’s the one who took heat for the administration as it dealt with claims that it was not exactly miserly. (See: caviar, police gym, raises)

Kupiec resigned in June.  Then, last week, we learned that after he turned in things like his city-issued iPad and phone, he kept his city-issued car.  That’s right.  The guy who took the heat for an administration’s excess leaves a parting gift of excess. That ticked off Segarra.  Police are investigating.

Now there’s this:  The Courant and Brookman have reported that Kupiec got a payout for unused vacation time and other things (about $36,000).  And they report he’ll have a relationship with the city until Sept. 27.  It’s a policy called a “runout,” and Segarra has wanted to get rid of it because it’s a waste of money.

But what’s a “runout”?  The answer is complicated.  It’s an old city policy that allows people to keep health insurance, get paid for holidays, and accrue vacation time until the date on which the employee’s last day of work would have come — had he not gotten a lump sum payout. So, in short, while Kupiec no longer works for the city, he still has a financial relationship with it.

So here’s my question.  As police try to figure out whether to charge Kupiec with a crime, does his status with the city complicate their case?



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2 responses to “At Hartford City Hall, What’s It Mean To Leave Your Job?

  1. Only in Hartford! The sad truth of the matter is that the powers to be do not want it to change. There will be the illusion of outrage followed by an excuse as to why it can’t change, followed by business as usual. Better known as corruption.

  2. TED

    It isn’t really that complicated, the personnel ordinances are straightforward. On your last day, all your accrued vacation is paid in a lump sum (not to exceed 8 weeks). If you want to go on vacation for your last few months, you will earn vacation, holiday and sick pay until you run out of vacation time, but no lump sum. “Runout” doesn’t exists anywhere in the code, but it comes in handy when you need to both get rid of someone and pay them to go quietly.

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