With City Spending Under A Spotlight, Segarra’s Pick For Chief Operating Officer Withdraws

The city council was to vote on Saundra Kee Borges tonight to be Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra’s permanent chief of staff.  We’ve previously reported that she didn’t have the votes.  Now, the press release:

(May 13, 2013) “I have thought long and hard about this decision and today I have asked Mayor Segarra to withdraw my nomination as Chief Operating Officer for the City of Hartford.  This was not an easy decision but it is the right one at this time. I want to thank Mayor Segarra for his confidence in me and my leadership. At his request, I will stay on to assist with the transition and selection process of a permanent COO.  I owe a lot to this City and it has been an honor for me to serve in this capacity.

Mayor Segarra has asked Albert G. Ilg to serve as Special Assistant to the COO as a temporary part-time employee to assist with the transition and to work with City Council members and Department Heads to design the process for the permanent COO selection. Mr. Ilg is a long-time City Manager, most recently in Windsor and in Hartford in 2002.

“I sadly accept this withdrawal,” said Mayor Segarra. “Sandy is an exceptional manager. She’s detailed, driven and one of the most professional individuals I have worked with. She is a true believer in the City of Hartford”



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