Malloy Spokesman: NY Post Story “Not True”

The office of Governor Dannel Malloy is rejecting a report that says he has “formed a group to bring an NHL team to Hartford.”

The New York Post published the report on Sunday.

On Monday, Malloy spokesman Andrew Doba said this:

“As far as I know, it’s not true,” Doba said. “He’s been approached by people interested in moving it forward, but he has not formed a group.”

This comes as several groups have submitted bids to run the XL Center, the arena in Hartford where the Whalers once played.  But Malloy hasn’t been optimistic about the prospect of the NHL coming back to Hartford, and the arena would need a major-league overhaul to make it work.


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One response to “Malloy Spokesman: NY Post Story “Not True”

  1. Well he is not curently forming a group for one reason. Because he already has formed a group for this type of activity. He formed it last June to work on all entertainment and sports possibilities for Hartford and Connecticut.

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