McMahon and Obama: The New Dream Team?

Here’s something you don’t see every day.

It’s a campaign ad paid for by Republican senate candidate Linda McMahon that tells Independent voters that it’s okay to split their tickets — one vote for Linda, another vote for Democratic President Barack Obama.

“I’m supporting President Obama and Linda McMahon.”

Give it a listen.

We’ll have more on this on our air this evening, including some tape of McMahon (provided by the Murphy campaign) in support of Mitt Romney: “I really believe that he, more than any other candidate, will in fact turn our economy around and get our country back on track.”

In a close campaign with a good amount of undecided voters, it’s an interesting turn.

We’ve reached out to both McMahon and Murphy for comment.

UPDATE: Here’s the link to our story with Murphy’s response.


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One response to “McMahon and Obama: The New Dream Team?

  1. Lauren

    Just goes to show you Linda will do anything to buy her senate seat! She is slimy and I hope her 25+ million dollar campaign was fruitless.

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