A Leak From The Top?

Let’s begin with a disclaimer: I believe that all information is public and that there are only a few types of public information that are exempt from public disclosure.  (Not only do I believe that.  It also happens to be the law.)

And I also like it when news organizations get scoops (kudos, Jenna).

But riddle me this: How is it that a document prepared by the highest levels of the office of Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra is leaked — and that the mayor’s office has no idea how it happened?

Here’s the short version.  The city got itself into a bit of a trouble regarding what is called the Livable Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative.  The Courant was all over it.  Then — maybe coincidence, maybe not — the guy who was ultimately responsible for the program resigns his office.  Meanwhile, the city’s lawyers do an assessment of that initiative.  And it’s that rather scathing assessment that gets leaked.  Among other things, it finds that “city managers are in dire need of professional leadership training in order to effectively manage their subordinates.”

The city says the document is exempt from disclosure, that it shouldn’t have been leaked, that it doesn’t know who leaked it, and that it isn’t doing an investigation to figure out who did.




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3 responses to “A Leak From The Top?

  1. Rich Wareing

    It’s the news elves, Jeff. After everyone goes home they come out from their secret hiding places and search City Hall for interesting tidbits. If you leave a cookie on your nightstand, they might leave you something in return.

  2. peter brush

    Livable Sustainable Neighborhoods Initiative
    What, not “affordable” as well? What kind of initiative is that? Laying off 12? I’d say there’s a lot more room for savings.

  3. It is so tempting to say something about leadership but I won’t. By saying this I fear I’ve said to much on the subject of Hartford leadership.

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