Wooden Grieves

The city of Hartford says that gun crimes are down, as is the homicide rate.  But last weekend was a violent one in Hartford – with two shooting deaths, nine other shooting victims, and two stabbings.  One of the dead is 24-year-old Michael Bailey, Jr. — a cousin of City Council President Shawn Wooden.  He and WNPR’s Jeff Cohen sat down for an interview.\

Here’s the story.


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  1. peter brush

    I think it’s time for the community — beyond the politicians and law enforcement — to work overtime, as well.
    We are largely uncivilized here in the Nutmeg Capital; living in subsidized disarray. It’s possible that the “community” will turn its life around, etc., but I’d not bet on it any more than I’d bet on the government district schools being able to close the “achievement gap.” Pols might consider removing subsidies, encourage some portion of the alienated and disorganized to relocate over time, but that would require that the pols view their job as providing for the good of the town as opposed to providing “services” to the aforesaid “community.” Having said that, and in defense of our local guys, it’s the State’s policy of administering its marvelous education services on a district basis that has ghetto-ized most large towns across the fruited plain.
    Condolences to Mr. Wooden and his family.

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