The Delegation Writes Back

UPDATE:  So, HB 5317 (as referenced in the delegation’s letter below) was actually passed on May 4.  So it’s not exactly new.  That said, legislators and city folks say that there appears to be a deal in the works — but that it’s still in draft form.  Again, more later.


You’ll recall the tension yesterday between Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra and his legislative delegation regarding a legislative fix he desperately needed.  Without it, he’d have to find between $7 million and $9 million in his budget to fill a new hole.

Yesterday, Segarra wrote the delegation a sternly worded letter.

Late last night, the city’s house delegation wrote him back (Letter to the Mayor of Hartford1 (2)) — saying it had passed HB 5317.

Haven’t had a chance to make calls on this yet. My guess is that the bill still needs senate approval…

More later.  But this could be the beginning of compromise.


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