Hartford’s Deal Saver? A Municipal Finance Advisory Commission

Say that twice, folks.

State Rep. Matt Ritter says one aspect of the deal now being negotiated to help Hartford out of its current tax mess would provide for a Municipal Finance Advisory Commission.

I’m no lawyer, but it looks as though a commission like this would have gubernatorial appointees.  They would, then, help Hartford figure out where to go next with its supremely confusing property tax structure.  Technically, the commission would do this:

(1) review and submit any recommendations as may be deemed appropriate with respect to any regulations concerning the provisions of section 7-394a, submitted by the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management for purposes of such review and (2) work with any municipality referred to it pursuant to the provisions of section 7-395, to improve the fiscal condition of such municipality.

The question still is this: Will it pass?

Also, here’s a little background on Hartford’s peculiar tax situation.



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2 responses to “Hartford’s Deal Saver? A Municipal Finance Advisory Commission

  1. Tom

    Jeff – Am I wrong, or does this Municipal Finance Advisory Commission sound strikingly familiar to what occurred in Waterbury not that long ago? It seems that the powers this commission might have could have some interesting impact on the future of this City.

    • Thanks for writing, Tom. Sad to say I don’t know the answer re: Waterbury. But would it help to have outside, professional eyes on Hartford’s property tax system? Seems like a decent idea to me.

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