Segarra’s Legislative Gamble

UPDATE:  Here’s our story that will air tonight.

Here’s a story we’re working on for tonight.  (We got hurried a bit by a press release from the mayor.)

The skinny: Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra’s budget reportedly includes anywhere from $7 million to $9 million in tax revenue that only materializes if certain legislation passes the general assembly.

Guess what?  So far, it hasn’t passed.

State Rep. Matt Ritter says anything can happen, but he’s concerned.  City Council President Shawn Wooden says he’s concerned, too, as the clock on the legislative session runs out.  The worst-case scenario leaves the city with another budgetary hole to fill.

Asked for comment earlier this morning, Segarra Chief of Staff Jared Kupiec said this:

Too early to say anything definitive and certainly no need to try and cause alarm. Right now SB 399 is pending before the House and HB 5317 is still on the Senate calendar. As long as vehicles exist, this administration will do everything in its power to work with the delegation to craft agreeable language that protects our residential tax base and creates greater balance throughout the system.

Now, Segarra has released a letter to the legislative delegation.

The story is developing.  We’ll flesh it out with more details about the nature of the disagreement this evening.


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One response to “Segarra’s Legislative Gamble

  1. Bruce Rubenstein

    The letter appeared arrogant to me and I wouldnt be surprised if it was written by someone else,but approved by Mayor Segarra.

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