Segarra Chief of Staff Says He’ll Soon Go Back To Using Personal Car

Following the stories about pay raises in the mayor’s office, we’re naturally interested in how the city spends its cash.

So we asked for lots of stuff from the city — including credit card statements from the mayor’s office. Here’s what it sent us.

(And here’s the link to the car story, which you can read more about below.)

In very rough numbers, you’ll note about $15,000 for travel and hotels and conferences. Jared Kupiec, chief of staff to Mayor Pedro Segarra, says that most of the travel was related to events hosted by the U.S. Conference of Mayors. When there is more than one ticket purchased, the other traveler was either Kupiec or someone else on city staff, he said. Also, Kupiec says the mayor’s travel to this event noted by Kevin Brookman was paid for not by the city — but by the Florida Democrats. (Finally, Kupiec says that he was the one generally using the card issued to the mayor.)

And one other note. You’ll recall that before the story about pay raises was the story about the mayor’s new city car, and Kupiec’s first city car. Both were police-issued sport utility vehicles. Now, Kupiec says Segarra has asked him to return that car to the police fleet — mileage and appearances were the rationale, he said. Kupiec says he expects to soon give this car up, too, and return to a personal vehicle.

“When I have the city vehicle, I’m very conscious of how it’s used, where it’s used, where it’s seen in the city,” Kupiec said. “I recognize that I work for the taxpayers of the City of Hartford.”


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