Segarra Calls For “Shared Sacrifice,” Gives Chief Of Staff $20,000 Raise

The city of Hartford is facing a roughly 10 percent budget shortfall next year — more than $50 million. But as WNPR’s Jeff Cohen reports, Mayor Pedro Segarra is also giving out raises.

Here’s the story. And here is the spreadsheet the city sent in response to our FOI request.



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3 responses to “Segarra Calls For “Shared Sacrifice,” Gives Chief Of Staff $20,000 Raise

  1. Phil Sherwood

    Mayor Segarra’s Chief of Staff would be paid well more than $90,000/$115,000 annually if he assumed similar responsibilities in the private sector.

    I’m tired of people implying the problem with government is it doesn’t run more like a business – and when people are paid close to what they would in the private sector for similar responsibilities they cry foul.

    You can’t have it both ways.

  2. Hey, Phil. It’s not my job to debate you. I will point you, though, to Councilman Segarra’s comments to Cityline from a few years ago — when Matt Hennessy got money on the way out:

    “We have people losing their jobs, we have people that don’t get that similar treatment and we are in deep financial straits here,” said Councilman Pedro Segarra. “For anyone to think they can run our city like a Fortune 500 company making millions in profit — it doesn’t match our current reality.”


  3. peter brush

    The question isn’t whether the government guys are worth more or less for the work they do. I’m willing to acknowledge that they do a lot of work, or spend a lot of time working. On the other hand, I’m not at all willing to agree that all of the stuff they do down at City Hall is wanted or needed by the citizenry. The question is how seriously does the Mayor take the City’s overspending problem. Raises, especially of that magnitude, suggest he’s not very concerned. My hunch is he figures he’ll close the ensuing budget gap with larger compulsory contributions from the taxpayers.

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