A Hartford Obituary

Image   (photo: Hartford Courant, courant.com)

This is a sad one to write.

You may remember a story we did a couple of years ago about a man leaving prison, coming back home to Hartford, and looking for work.  If you do, it’s probably because the man — Dartanyon Blake — was honest about the problems in his past, the effects it had on his family, and the challenges that he saw going forward.  And because of the love he felt for his grandmother.
“I believe that the same things that are in her, I possess, as well.  The desire to do good, the desire to care for my community and my fellow man, woman, and child.  And I embrace those feelings.  And I want to do better. And it’s on me, man. That’s the beautiful part.  No one else gets credit for the good stuff I do.”
Blake died last week, two weeks after police say he was found in the street.  Family and friends say he was the victim of a hit-and-run, and that his death resulted from it.  Police say they are investigating.
We’ll be airing a remembrance later this week.  Our condolences to his family.

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