A Couple Health-Related Links

First, here’s an interesting story by our friends at C-HIT.  Let’s just cut to the chase.

A check of physician records shows about a dozen Connecticut doctors receiving drug company benefits either shortly before or after being sanctioned by the state for various offenses. Whether a physician’s disciplinary record should matter to the pharmaceutical industry is a subject of debate: Some drug companies say they are trying to screen out physicians with disciplinary records, while some doctors say their past misdeeds have no bearing on their affiliations with drug companies.

Yowser.  What say you?   Should a doctor who is getting smacked by the state be allowed to cash in as experts for the drug manufacturers?

Here’s the whole story and a WNPR interview with reporter Lisa Chedekel.

Also, while you’re thinking about doctors, think about this: Medical-related errors in hospitals still cause concern for doctors, advocates, and producers of our esteemed talk show, Where We Live.   I’ll put up the link to today’s show up when it’s ready.

This blog post is part of a reporting partnership that includes WNPR, NPR, and Kaiser Health News.


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