Insight On Wooden’s Run For Council

The latest installment of Ted Mann’s series on Gov. Dannel Malloy opens a bit of a window into the politics of Shawn Wooden’s run for city council, and the people behind the scenes.  Here’s an excerpt:

Now there’s talk that Wooden wants council president, and here comes this Ficeto character, blustering and demanding Segarra get Wooden an endorsement, with a clear implication: The governor wants this.

“This is bulls–t, Roy,” the message reads. “The mayor is pissed.”

So is Roy Occhiogrosso. He’s already had a conversation with Malloy about it, and he’s won a concession at last. “If I’m going to be here another year, he’s got to let me deal with this. It’s urban politics. He’s the governor! He’s got to stay out of this s–t.”



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