Segarra Sacks Campaign Staff

Below is a story that ran on our air Friday. Sorry for posting it late.  Looks like there are changes at Segarra headquarters.

Also, here’s another interesting twist in the Hartford campaign

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra has sacked his entire campaign staff following a convincing win in the Democratic primary.

Segarra became mayor following the resignation of Eddie Perez.  This is his first run for the office.

In an interview, Segarra said he is cutting his political operation in part because a primary win in a Democratic city is typically a bigger fight than the general election itself.  Also, the mayor said he wanted to shift away from a consultant-driven campaign — and get back to on-the-ground political organizing.

Here’s another thing worth noting — Segarra has just gotten the endorsement of the city’s Republicans.



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One response to “Segarra Sacks Campaign Staff

  1. The awesome power of the endorsee to control the endorsed?

    The Republican party in Hartford has gone out of it’s way to endorse 5 Democratic candidates in the up coming Hartford municipal election.

    McCauley for Mayor 2011 sought after and got only one endorsement. That being the Voices of Women of Color. There is a big difference between the Voices of Women of Color and the Republican Leadership that crafted this cross endorsement idea.

    The Voices of Women of Color are a voice for countless hundreds of women, many of whom are single mothers struggling to make ends meet. And Hartford’s Republican Leadership is a voice for the business as usual folks. The very folk that endorsed no women to run for the Court of Common Council.

    A McCauley win would mean a Mayor that is accountable to a powerful group of women that speaks for the people. A Segarra win would mean a Mayor that is accountable to the Republican party, or is it the Democratic party, or the police union leadership, or is it downtown interest that want to repeal hard fought for ordinances? Who knows?

    One thing we do know is that Republican party support was sought after and received. Now the Democratic party endorsed Mayoral candidate, three Council candidates, and a candidate for treasurer must considering that the Governor of the state of Connecticut left a special session of the state Legislature to personally endorse and support the current caretaker Mayor and Former Mayoral candidate Shawn Wooden in an effort to save the Democratic Party from implosion. What will be done now to save this failed group from themselves?

    Hartford needs and deserved better. Hartford needs leadership that wants to be in service to the people that call Hartford home.

    J. Stan McCauley


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