Wooden Once Criticized Segarra, Now Supports Him

Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra (r), Governor Dannel Malloy (c), and Shawn Wooden. (WNPR/Jeff Cohen)

A Democratic opponent to Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra has dropped out of this year’s mayoral race.  As WNPR’s Jeff Cohen reports, the deal was apparently brokered by Governor Dannel Malloy.

Here’s the story.  And here’s Wooden’s press release we asked him about.


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One response to “Wooden Once Criticized Segarra, Now Supports Him

  1. I am re-posting this because I am surprised by how surprised everyone is over the withdraw of former candidate Shawn Wooden and his endorsement of a corrupt administration that has only changed its figurehead. If you did not see this coming you have become disconnected from the People of Hartford. If you have an honest conversation with the voters you will find out who they want as their next Mayor. You will also find out that the race is far from over like the spin Docs would have everyone believe.

    From 3 months ago.

    TUESDAY, APRIL 5, 2011 (860) 944-9797

    How much money does it take to shackle Hartford Voters?

    If money equaled leadership and an ability to govern, the 2007 Hartford Mayoral election would have yielded the best government in Hartford’s history. The reality however is that money is the corrupting force that ruins political leaders and the cities they are elected to lead.

    Anyone that believes the 2011 Hartford mayoral race is about money has already lost because the people of Hartford are not up for auction and their municipal government is not for sale. The same can not be said of the candidates, their political decisions are heavily influenced by the donor block that gives the most money.

    Hartford voters are no longer asleep. They are wiser, smarter, and far more politically active and savvy than ever before and will no longer be taken for granted. This fact was made clear with the defeat of Kenny Green in the last election cycle.
    Voters know that in the back room of this political game of “who can raise the most money”, are the gatekeepers that have been the beneficiary of a corrupt patronage system, and said gatekeepers don’t want it to stop. And they will give as much money as they can to candidates that will keep the Status Quo alive and well.

    The McCauley for Mayor 2011 campaign made a conscious decision in October of 2009 to adopt our own campaign finance reform and not raise large sums of money, but rather raise the consciousness on the voters, and run our campaign like no other.

    Candidate J. Stan McCauley at his own expense over the last 3 years produced over 150 episodes of “One Hartford” an hour long political TV show that kept Hartford voters informed. Bringing to light much of the corruption that brought the last well financed municipal administration to its knees.
    Hartford’s 2011 election is about economic, human, and community development. It’s about all of Hartford’s neighborhoods being safe for children and seniors. It’s about fair distribution of tax resources. It’s about functional accountable governance that will fire employees that do not do their job. It’s about a Mayor understanding that he or she is employed by “We the people of Hartford”.

    Candidate J. Stan McCauley has a plan to rebuild the integrity of Hartford by bringing in community minded businessmen that have a love for cities and are willing to hire the people that live in them. Candidate J. Stan McCauley has a plan to cut the homicide rate by 50% and make Hartford one of the top ten small cities in the country.

    Some actually believe money equals votes, J. Stan McCauley believes that knowing your city as your city knows you equals votes. Money can not cast a ballot and out of state donors in Washington D.C. can’t vote in Hartford. Cheap politicians may go for $750,000.00 or under, but the people of Hartford are not for sale. Votes are the only currency that matter in this race and they will be spent on election day in record number.
    J. Stan McCauley and his family live in the Historic Colt’s Building and are in the mist of moving to Enfield street in Hartford’s North End. For more information about J. Stan McCauley’s candidacy for Mayor, please visit http://www.McCauleyForMayor.com.

    – END –

    NOTE* I now live on Enfield Street in Hartford. My wife and I heard the gun shots from Homicide #18.

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