Adamowski Leaving, But When?

The city of Hartford is supposed to have a new schools superintendent by the end of the week.  But as WNPR’s Jeff Cohen reports, Christina Kishimoto still doesn’t have a contract and Mayor Pedro Segarra has gotten involved.

Here’s the story.  Here’s Segarra’s letter to the board.


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One response to “Adamowski Leaving, But When?

  1. peter brush

    Not really the Mayor’s business. But, on the other hand, when he gets involved school issues do receive more public attention than otherwise. Looking in from the outside, it’s difficult for me to understand a.)why it costs so much to hire a superintendent, b.) why he/she should get a bonus, and c.) why someone making $200g should also get subsidized transportation. While he’s sticking his nose in the school district business, might the Mayor also please inquire as to propriety of pay raises for teachers under new three year contract?

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