Segarra Responds To Threat Of Lawsuit

Yesterday, we told you of how a Hartford employee planned to sue the city because of an interaction with the spouse of Mayor Pedro Segarra.  Now, Segarra responds.

“As I understand it, Charlie was trying to drop off leaves that had been collected following a volunteer effort in Elizabeth Park and Mr. Edwards responded in what he felt was an appropriate way.  Once informed of the incident, I referred it to staff as I did not want to subject this administration to any claims of favoritism, but I was concerned about overall treatment of the public and proper customer service.

Mr. Edwards was temporarily transferred by his DPW supervisor to a job in the same classification.  No discipline was ever administered, and after a DPW review was completed Mr. Edwards was returned to his job.”


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One response to “Segarra Responds To Threat Of Lawsuit

  1. peter brush

    The law suit appears pretty flimsy, but so does Segarra’s response. He “referred” the matter to staff? To avoid appearance of favoritism?
    Judging by the behavior of the supervisor, the referral must have involved more than a general inquiry as to proper dump procedures. He knew that the Mayor’s spousal unit was the one involved. If there were some policy mistake on Edwards’ part an investigation might have been called for, but there was obviously none. The Mayor and the Super owe an apology.

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