Perez Attorney: Former Mayor Due Sick And Vacation Pay

CLARIFICATION: Haven’t had a chance to speak with city officials on this. The math below is my own — multiplying unpaid sick and vacation time by the former mayor’s hourly pay at 100 percent. It now occurs to me that the city may not pay out both vacation and sick time at 100 percent.   When I have a definite answer, I’ll post. I’ve clarified the headline accordingly.


An attorney for convicted former Hartford Mayor Eddie A. Perez says Perez is legally due about $132,745 in back vacation and sick time payments from the city and has threatened to litigate.

According to documents provided by the city, Perez’s attorney says the former mayor has agreed to take a lesser amount in order to resolve the deal amicably.

We’ll have a full story later today.  You can read the documents between the city and Perez attorney R. Bartley Halloran here.


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One response to “Perez Attorney: Former Mayor Due Sick And Vacation Pay

  1. peter brush

    Work rules, accrual of sick/vacation days are rip off of the public. (Where in the private sector are workers given this kind of deal?) Given our financial position (which is largely a pay-off from the suburbs to keep us in our place) these rules should be done away with. But, in any case, they shouldn’t apply when a guy is fired for cause. (I’d argue for the City that his resignation was effectively a sacking because convicted felons ineligible for the Strongman position.) I’d appreciate it if the City would counter claim for amounts we paid him while he was consulting with his criminal attorneys and standing trial. I also hope the judge looking at Eddie’s pension takes this move into account.
    The guy’s kitchen/bath job didn’t cost the taxpayer much, if anything, butthis adds injury to insult. What a disgrace. I never cared if the guy were to go to jail, but now I hope the arrogant bastard enjoys a good long term.

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