Hartford News Wrap-up

A bit of Hartford reading from around the interwebs.

First, the Kevins weigh-in.  Here’s Brookman’s take on the campaign finance filings — including payments from State Rep. Kelvin Roldan to aides of convicted former Mayor Eddie Perez.

Then there’s Kevin Rennie — who watched Shawn Wooden’s appearance on WFSB’s Face the State and, apparently, wasn’t impressed.

Over at the Courant, Helen Ubinas says Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra should have known better.  The editorial board (which, for the record,  endorsed former Mayor Eddie Perez the last time around — after the state’s investigation was underway, but just before the grand jury started its work) — says much the same thing.  And Cityline has this report out of the ethics commission meeting from yesterday.

UPDATE: And here’s one I initially missed — Kerri at RealHartford says this is whole thing isn’t news.

Now back to work.


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  1. peter brush

    I’m willing to stipulate that Segarra Spousal Unit in dealing with Section 8 tenants indeed has contracts with the Housing Authority. As I understand it, this would trigger Municipal requirement that Segarra report to the Ethics guys. He “failed” to do so.
    But, what do we conclude from that? There’s no evidence that his “failure” was deceitful rather than inadvertent. The contract’s language along with the funding come from the Feds. It is understandable that one make a mistake, fail to interpret the situation as a contract with the City. Let Segarra amend the financial report, recommend that he be more careful in the future, and wrap it up. On the other hand, if the reporting requirements specifically include the Housing Authority, take the extra fact-finding step to look for malfeasance. Look for evidence that Segarra used his position(s) to get favorable treatment for Unit in dealing with Housing Authority, for example, Segarra got lax inspection of Unit’s properties? Or, for example, that he arranged for Housing Authority to pay inflated rents to Unit? But, to date, no whiff of malfeasance to my nose, just political opponents trying to get us to jump to conclusions.

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