Cityline: Councilman Adamowski?

UPDATE: School spokesman David Medina says this: “There is no there there. The superintendent has not been approached.”

Hartford GOP chairman Mike Mcgarry tells Steve Goode and me that city republicans want schools Superintendent Steven Adamowski to run for city council. They don’t, however, know if he is interested.

We’ve called Adamowski and are awaiting a response.



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4 responses to “Cityline: Councilman Adamowski?

  1. Stealy

    Does he live in the city?

  2. Stealy

    According the the Assessor’s website, there is no one with the last name Adamowski that own’s property in Hartford, but he could rent in the city, or the Assessor’s could be wrong, I wouldn’t put it past the city… Quality of Service is not their strong suit.

  3. MiddletownJim

    I believe that Mr Adamoski graduated from SCSC in 1972 so he is only about 61 years old. So how much will he receive as a pension from the city of Hartford?

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