Roldan Campaign Hires Perez Confidants, Including Former Chief of Staff

Over the weekend, questions were raised about Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra’s ethics disclosures to the city and whether or not he may be in violation of federal housing requirements.  Now, as WNPR’s Jeff Cohen reports, it appears the people behind those questions were paid consultants to Segarra’s political opponent and former advisors of convicted Mayor Eddie Perez.

Here’s the story.


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One response to “Roldan Campaign Hires Perez Confidants, Including Former Chief of Staff

  1. Mike McGarry

    Questions for the Mayoral hopefuls

    Let’s see, it’s a very interesting race for mayor and we are closing in on the crucial decisions that need to be made
    by all the political parties. Remember, only a few people, town committee members, pick the endorsed candidates.
    Then, a primary is probable, and anybody can run as an independent.
    At this writing, the line up is: Mayor Pedro Segarra, Shawn Wooden, Stan McCauley, Edwin Vargas and maybe,
    State Rep. Kelvin Roldan. On the face of it, the incumbent usually has many cards, but the fundraising totals show a
    different picture: Wooden at around $150,000, the Mayor $70,000 or so. Roldan and Vargas have raised some cash,
    as has McCauley. As far as public campaigning, most seem to be keeping their powder dry as to what they would do
    as Mayor. McCauley has been the most forthright pushing economic development as the tonic.
    However, big, complicated questions need to be asked. For example, how do the candidates stand on the legislation to
    mitigate our 2012 tax problem? State Representative Matt Ritter deserves credit for carrying the ball on this tough issue.
    At this time, it looks like a 3% increase (yearly) in residential taxes, a 5.25% increase in apartments, and a decrease of
    13% in business levies (on real properities). All this could be thrown up in the air with state aid cuts, a large drop in property
    values or a spike in the mil rate, but, no matter, something legislatively has to be done or taxes on homes will go up 100% next
    And, of course, the big elephant in the room is the attacks on various misques of any and all candidates – Mayor and Council.
    The tone has been set already – if you want to run for mayor, you better be prepared to defend anything you’ve done (or haven’t
    done) anytime. It will be a bitter, nasty, campaign and reputations will suffer.
    Those with significant blotches on their record should take heed.

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