Wooden’s Fundraising Campaign Brings In Celebrity Guests

Looks like Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra isn’t the only one trying to raise campaign cash.

Mayoral candidate Shawn Wooden just sent out the note below.  Donate enough, and you get a private visit with Ray Charles, Jr.  Is he from Hartford?

Dear Friends,

Hartford is and has always been my home.  I love it here.  But, decades of ineffective leadership and failed policies have created enormous challenges for our city.  We have the highest crime rate in the state, our unemployment rate is almost 17%, and quality education is simply not an option for every boy and girl in Hartford.

These conditions are unacceptable and the residents of this city deserve better.  I have stepped forward to run for Mayor of Hartford, because I am prepared to lead our city to a much brighter place.  However, I will need your help to get there. The end of the current fundraising period is eight days away, and I am asking everyone to step up and contribute $25, $150, $500, or $1000 to my campaign. Every amount helps me reach my goal, so please contribute what you can today.

So many of you have already joined me and contributed to my campaign, volunteered your time, or introduced me to your neighbors in your home.  I am humbled by and grateful for your outpouring of support.

Several people are hosting a fundraiser for me at The Hartford Club on the evening of Wednesday, March 30th; contribution levels range from $150-$1000.  For those contributing at least $500, there is a private reception featuring special guest Ray Charles, Jr.  If you or someone you know would like to attend, please click here to RSVP. Space is limited, so please RSVP no later than Monday, March 28th.

If you cannot make it to The Hartford Club event, you can go online here to make your $25, $150, $500, or $1000 contribution.

Hartford is a small city with large problems.  But it is also a city with an amazing history, a wealth of talent in our neighborhoods and our downtown, and strong civic and cultural institutions.

With a determination to hold ourselves to high standards of excellence, accountability and integrity, we will change the course of our city and bring about a new day in Hartford.

Thank you for supporting me in my campaign to become the next Mayor of Hartford!




Shawn Wooden


P.S. Forward this e-mail to a friend to let them know about the fundraiser on March 30th and my candidacy for Mayor of Hartford.  I need your help to spread the word!




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One response to “Wooden’s Fundraising Campaign Brings In Celebrity Guests

  1. Thom

    Shawn: I want to write you a check because I believe in your deep history with Hartford, your prior work and life experiences, and in what you can do to turn Hartford around, not so I can meet Ray Charles, Jr….unless Ray Jr. is going to enthrall and enlighten me with uplifting personal stories about you.

    This seems to cheapen your message, don’t you think ?

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