Hartford ZBA Rejects Chabad Agreement

Hartford Director of Planning Roger O’Brien called to say that the city’s zoning board of appeals rejected (4-0-1) an agreement between attorneys for the city and the Orthodox Jewish organization we wrote about yesterday.  The group wanted to open a Jewish center for University of Hartford students; neighbors and the city objected.

Then it went to court where, now, it will continue.

Here’s yesterday’s story. Here’s the story we did for NPR.


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One response to “Hartford ZBA Rejects Chabad Agreement

  1. Thom

    Hats off to the ZBA members!
    Unfortunately, these issues are almost always resolved through the court system. Although the City of Hartford has scarce financial resources, defining and controlling the structural characteristics of neighborhoods is an important issue the city needs to seriously address, albeit in a legal forum.
    Hartford has suffered urban flight for decades, in part because its neighborhoods were not protected and therefore non-residential uses of real property in these neighborhoods were allowed to flourish. When was the last time you saw a home in the middle of an Avon or Glastonbury neighborhood being used for church offices, a sanctuary or a student center?
    I’m not happy this fight has to occur in court, but believe it will be money well spent, primarily because there is no other means to control the integrity of Hartford’s neighborhoods against non-residential zoning abuses, which continue to tear at the fabric of what people and families desire in their neighborhoods.
    It has always amused me that religious organizations of all persuasions, the keepers of family values and the integrity of solid communities, are so often the institutions tearing our neighborhoods down by converting family homes to cheap office and performance space.

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