Mayoral Candidate Shawn Wooden Enters The Superintendent Fray


The fallout from the superintendent search process continues, as a challenger to Mayor Pedro Segarra has issued a statement saying a) a national search would have been good, b) it should have been done from the beginning, and c) who’s gonna apply for the job now considering the “instability” Segarra created?

Read the release below.  We’ve asked Shawn Wooden and his communications folks what he would have done were he in Segarra’s place.

We’ll post the response when we get it.

UPDATE: Spoke with Wooden — have to get on the air in about 10 minutes.  Will post his response when possible.




Wooden Expresses Disappointment about School Superintendent Fiasco

(Hartford, CT) – Hartford Democratic mayoral candidate Shawn Wooden expressed profound disappointment in Mayor Pedro Segarra’s poor handling of the search for Superintendent of the Hartford school system in a statement today.

“The selection of the next Superintendent is one of the most important decisions affecting families in this city.  The Mayor should have said something long before now.  Unfortunately, he’s wasted the time and effort of the board and the members of the community that participated in the search process.  As a result, he has made the city government look anything but steady,” said Wooden.  “This is bad for Hartford’s kids.”

“What Hartford’s students deserve is the best candidate we can find, anywhere, and our internal candidates should want to be measured against the best we can find, wherever they may be at the moment.  So, a national search at the beginning of this process would have been appropriate.  However, the instability created by the Mayor’s failure of leadership will make the job less attractive for qualified applicants and this means more of the same for Hartford’s kids.”


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