WEB ONLY — Segarra Still Wants Answers On School Bonuses

One last post for the day.

It looks like the tensions between Mayor Pedro Segarra and Superintendent Steven Adamowski over bonuses at the board of education continue.

You’ll recall that, after news about the issue broke, Segarra said the bonuses could be inappropriate and asked for an explanation by the middle of February.

Adamowski then issued a response in the form of a press release.  That apparently didn’t satisfy Segarra.  And Segarra’s lack of satisfaction apparently didn’t please Adamowski, who resent the press release today to the media.

And that all left Segarra seeming a little peeved.  Here’s what he said about it at today’s press conference (listen to it here):

“The response that I was shown today which was a press release that he sent to the press was not an acceptable response to the letter that I wrote him. I wrote him on my official stationary as mayor.  I did not write him or solicit a press inquiry.”


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