Hartford Schools Don’t Give Mayor An Answer On Bonuses

UPDATE: According to a press release from David Medina, it looks like the response the mayor asked for was in the form of a press statement issued on Feb. 4.  Maybe someone should let Segarra’s chief of staff know.


You’ll recall that Hartford Mayor Pedro Segarra didn’t seem thrilled to hear that the Hartford board of education was giving out bonuses.

In a letter to Superintendent Steven Adamowski, Segarra said the bonuses may well have been inappropriate and asked Adamowski for an explanation by the middle of the month.  That apparently hasn’t happened.  Below is a statement from Jared Kupiec, Segarra’s chief of staff. We asked if the city had received Adamowski’s response.

No, and the lack of a response is deeply disappointing.

The Mayor is assessing next steps, but know that whatever course of action he chooses to take, it will be driven by what’s in the best interests of the residents and, in particular, parents of Hartford students.

We asked for a comment from the district and got no response.


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  1. The district also failed to respond to my questions about an apparently new policy requiring teachers to assign grades of 55 to students scoring well below that. The silence speaks volumes.

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