Former Perez Aide Wants Info On Segarra

Last week, Mayor Pedro Segarra was in our studio talking about how he was under attack from allies of former Mayor Eddie Perez.  The comments generated a fairly snarky response from state Rep. Kelvin Roldan — who used to work for Perez and who is now looking to fill his shoes.

And now there’s this — an FOI request to the city from Derek Donnelly, who also used to work for Perez and who is now an attorney in Suffield.

Donnelly apparently wants to see all kinds of stuff, including:  Segarra’s ethics disclosures, all documents related to the sale of the Butt Ugly building, all of Segarra’s city credit card statements, information about permit for fence work at Segarra’s house (owned by his partner), information about their car taxes, information about Section 8 payments paid to the men, and a good deal more.

Here’s Donnelly’s FOI Request.  By email, we asked if he was making this request for his own edification, or on someone else’s political behalf. Donnelly declined to comment because he says the request is now the subject of a complaint with the state’s Freedom of Information Commission.


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