More Segarra And Roldan

Just a little follow-up to the story we reported tonight during All Things Considered.

First, did anyone else notice that Mayor Pedro Segarra said “Matt Roldan” before correcting himself and saying “Kelvin Roldan”?  A slip?  A deliberate reference to Matt Hennessy, former chief of staff to Perez who is a friend of Roldan?

Also, we (me, and ddownkowski) got a comment after the story ran tonight from Roldan.  It doesn’t address the claims Segarra makes.  But it takes aim at the mayor in return.  That response is below.

To: Cohen, Jeff;
Subject: Re: interview for a story

Hi Jeff,

Sorry for my dealyed response, Busy day.

After quickly reviewing the WWL interview I can only say that the poorly plowed roads in Hartford have kept Mayor Segarra confined to City Hall for too long giving him a very bad case of “cabin fever”. This stream of consciousness performance has Segarra; spending $67,000 for four days to rent a snow machine you can allegedly buy for $250,000, defending a $480K payment he approved to a contractor arrested for bribery, claiming to be a psychotherapist , forgetting the location of the Nelton Court Housing project and finally,  calling the “poor people” of Hartford “manipulated” and “incapable of performing the analysis” at election time.  I think in this context, any additional comments on my part would just detract from this insightful interview.




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