Roldan To Run For City Mayor. Or Maybe Treasurer.

State Rep. Kelvin Roldan (photo

Here’s his press release.  We’ll have a story later today.

Worth mentioning — Roldan is swinging at Mayor Pedro Segarra.  Note the paragraph in bold.

UPDATE: Here’s the story.





This past Friday, I formed an exploratory committee – a committee to determine whether I should seek election in 2011 to the office of Mayor or Treasurer for the City of Hartford. I will spend the next few months visiting each of our neighborhoods, engaging in an open and honest dialogue with the people of Hartford about their vision for the future of our city and discussing exactly how I can help make our city – a community I have always supported and promoted – a still stronger and still more vital community.

Raised with seven of my nine brothers and sisters in Stowe Village by a single mother, and as a resident of the Barry Square neighborhood, I know full well the challenges that Hartford families face every day. That is just one reason is why I have fought hard as a public servant and as a leader in the General Assembly to open the doors of opportunity for our community. Whether fighting to keep our children safe from sex offenders, introducing legislation to get illegal guns off our streets, increasing the opportunity for our students to attend college, pushing for adequate health care for the uninsured, protecting the interests of our brave veterans or working closely with women- and minority-owned small businesses to grow jobs in our community, I have a record of delivering concrete results for the people of Hartford. It is a record of success – and results – that has made a difference in the lives of residents all across our city.

Today and in the coming years the City of Hartford faces unprecedented challenges. We must have leadership who is prepared maintain the progress we have made in areas such as school reform, public safety and neighborhood revitalization while finding new ways to grow jobs for residents and improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods.

These are not empty words. These are challenges I have lived. I know full well the desire that all Hartford parents have to make the lives of their children better than their own. There is no greater honor that I could return to my mother and to those who have inspired me through the years than to offer a brighter hope to those young people than that which exists today.

Like many residents, I am troubled about the priorities of the present city Administration. During the few months Mayor Segarra has been in office, the Administration has engineered a $500,000 payment to the contractor at the center of the recent city bribery scandal; decimated the ranks of the experienced senior managers in city government; and pushed through a scheme to pad the pensions of retiring elected officials. Especially in these difficult times, our city government must make the people of Hartford its first priority. This is something I have always done – and will always continue to do.

In the coming weeks I look forward to discussing the future of our city with residents of neighborhoods throughout Hartford. I urge residents to contact me with their views at 860-656-7918 or via e-mail at

Paid for by Roldan 2011
Kenneth Kahn, Treasurer
Approved by Kelvin Roldan

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