Bysiewicz Still Doesn’t Have Bridgeport Results

Yes, it’s true.  Still nothing from Bridgeport, says Av Harris — spokesman for Secretary of the state Susan Bysiewicz.

His press release is below.

I am getting many phone calls all asking me the same question:  when will your office have the official results in the Governor’s race?  The answer is, I don’t know.

When we do know, we will notify you.

As of 11:30 a.m. we still have not received the return from Bridgeport.  Once the return is received by our office, the data will be entered to our computerized database.  Then the result will be tabulated.  Then the figures will be double and triple checked to make sure any errors are eliminated.  When we are confident that we have a complete and accurate election result, then we will release it to you.  Secretary Bysiewicz will not have anything to say until then.  I appreciate your patience.

Once again, I cannot tell you right now when this information will be available, but we are hopeful it will be today.

Thank you,




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