Update On John Rose

So, fellow blogger Brookman posted a few weeks back that former Hartford corporation counsel John Rose has a new gig.  And he does — at the Crumbie Law Group.

The thing that raised flags was this: Rose had hired the firm to do work for the city while he was at city hall.  In a time when more than a few people seem to be getting work that somehow relates to city, that’s a decent story.

We asked the city how much money Crumbie had made off of the city, and we got the answer yesterday.

In FY 2009, Crumbie’s firm made $155,599.44; in FY 2010, the firm made $252,580.24; and so far in FY 2011 (which began July 1), the firm has made $22,564.80.

We asked Crumbie for a response, and here’s what he said in an email:

“It is very difficult for an African American-owned law firm to succeed in the corporate and municipal law arena. In order for us to compete with larger, more established firms, we must continue to recruit accomplished lawyers [from] all areas.  John has over 45 years as a practicing attorney and we expect that his vast experience will be brought to bear on our cases and serve as a mentor to our less experienced lawyers.”


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