Reports: Rose and McMullen To Leave

As the transition turns…

The Courant and WFSB are reporting that two sometimes controversial staffers will be Hartford leaving city hall.

Update: Cityline is reporting that former Mayor Eddie A. Perez has resigned from the city’s board of education.



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2 responses to “Reports: Rose and McMullen To Leave

  1. Walt Spader

    I worked with Susan McMullen in the past (not while she was in Hartford) and I wouldn’t call her “controversial”. I respect her for putting the people of whatever City/Town she has worked in first.
    I also have a high opinion of John Rose. I did work with him in his capacity as Corp Counsel in Hartford and have a great deal of respect for him.

  2. Susan McMullen

    Controversial??? Not me! Seriously, I was privileged to work in a beautiful building, in a great city and with good people. I wish them the very best!

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