Cotto Wants To Prohibit Contributions From City Contractors

Luis Cotto (Photo: Chion Wolf/WNPR)

UPDATE 3:30 p.m.: You can listen to our story on this tonight during All Things Considered.  You can also listen to it (and read it) online now.


Councilman Luis Cotto, of the Working Families Party, wants the city to ban campaign contributions from city contractors for certain city political offices.

Below is a summary of the resolution that will be before the council on Monday.  As always, thanks to the nice people at Hartford 2000 for sending out the council preview: Council Preview By Hartford 2000.

Any thoughts?  Luis — why don’t you post a comment giving a little history and background?


Campaign Contributions – The Council will consider a proposed ordinance that would prohibit campaign contributions by City contractors to candidates running for Mayor, Council, Board of Education, Treasurer, and Registrar of Voters.  City contractors include individuals, business entities, and nonprofit organizations that have agreements or contracts with the City of Hartford, Hartford Parking Authority, Hartford Housing Authority, or the Board of Education, as well as those who have submitted bids or proposals for the purpose of obtaining an agreement or contract.  Contributions would be prohibited to candidates, exploratory committees, and political and party committees. (Cotto) (Item #16)


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