Dobelle on Perez

Evan Dobelle was the president of Trinity College back when Mayor Eddie A. Perez was working on the Learning Corridor.  Here’s what he told the Hartford Courant before Perez won his first term, back in May 2001:

“I have met a lot of people in this town and I know a lot of the political figures. Eddie has to be ranked near the top of everybody’s list,” said [Evan Dobelle], who departs this summer for the University of Hawaii. “There could not be a better partner for [Gov.] John Rowland than Eddie.”

In an email to WNPR today, Dobelle — who left Trinity before Perez took office and said he knows nothing of  his time as mayor or  his conviction — said this:

“Eddie was a wonderful and celebrated employee by all  of us at Trinity and  whom I  personally admired when we were together from 1995-2001.”


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