Segarra To Be Mayor Until 2011 Election. Then…?

Colin McEnroe had Ken Kennedy, John Kennelly and Marilyn Rossetti (and me) on his show last week — the day before Mayor Eddie A. Perez was found guilty and announced he’d resign.

Kennedy (a city councilman) and Kennelly (a former city councilman) had both publicly said they’d consider a run for mayor in 2011.  I hadn’t heard anything about Rossetti (a former city councilwoman) being interested.  And when Colin asked her, she was…evasive.  But, on Facebook, it looks like she’s toying with the idea. Check it out (I’d link to her page…but I’m not quite sure how.)

Going to be a busy time. Thanks to CouncilmanLuis Cotto for the heads up on Twitter.

UPDATE: Sorry — and, for the record, the city says the only official candidate to date for mayor in 2011 is J. Stan McCauley. He ran as a Republican in 2007, and now says he’s a registered Democrat.


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