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Reports: Rose and McMullen To Leave

As the transition turns…

The Courant and WFSB are reporting that two sometimes controversial staffers will be Hartford leaving city hall.

Update: Cityline is reporting that former Mayor Eddie A. Perez has resigned from the city’s board of education.



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City Pays Legal Fees, But Not For Eddie Perez

Now that the corruption trial of former Hartford Mayor Eddie Perez is over, the city still has some legal bills to pay.

You can hear the story tonight during All Things Considered, or listen online now.

Here’s the city’s accounting of the legal fees to date: Outside Counsel Fees.

And a note — it appears that, prior to the arrests, the city paid for legal fees for former city employee Edward Lazu. Lazu was recently granted a special form of probation.

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Second In A Series: Hartford, Gangs, and the Police

Jimmy Ramsay (Jeff Cohen/WNPR)

The corner of Albany Avenue and Vine Street in Hartford has been ground zero for one of the city’s more violent gangs, and over the past two years, the corner has been quieter.  But that quiet was broken last week.

Listen to the second in our series on youth gangs in the city on Wednesday during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  Or listen online now.

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AG: Perez Eligible For Pension, Will Try To Revoke It

WNPR File Photo

Attorney General Richard Blumenthal (there he is on election night 2007…) says former Mayor Eddie A. Perez is eligible for a city pension and that he intends to try to revoke it.

In a letter to Chief State’s Attorney Kevin Kane, Blumenthal said that Perez’s conviction “reflects significant violations of public trust and misuse of office.”

Blumenthal says Perez, 53, is eligible for a roughly $25,000 pension when he’s 55, and a roughly $31,000 pension when he turns 60.  (To clarify, I’m told were he to opt for the pension at 55, he would get the $25,000 annual pension for life.  It would not bump up.)

Here’s the release: Blumenthal On Perez Pension.

And here’s the letter to Kane: Blumenthal Letter to Kane.

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No New Council President

Looks like the city council’s Democrats can’t agree on who should become the city council’s new president.

Couple things to keep in mind as it goes through this process. First, rJo Winch is running for state representative against Democratic incumbent Douglas McCrory. Also, Jim Boucher was originally going to be the council president after Calixto Torres — until things changed.

Here’s the rundown of last night’s meeting, courtesy of the nice folks at Hartford 2000: City Council Review.

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First In A Series: Hartford, Gangs, And The Police

It’s been two years since the war between two rival gangs – West Hell and the Ave – turned the end of the city’s annual West Indian Day Parade into a violent mess.  One man was killed, six children were injured, and the police chief said that the city had a problem with fluid groups of young boys settling their disputes with guns.

Steve Kessler and Anthony Rinaldi are community service officers in the Clay Arsenal and Upper Albany neighborhoods.  Kessler still remembers the summer of 2008. He says the gang activity now isn’t what it was.  But he fears what it could be.

Listen to the first story in our series Tuesday during Morning Edition and All Things Considered.  Or listen online now.

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Council Meeting Tonight

I won’t be able to make it to tonight’s council meeting.  I’ll play cleanup tomorrow.

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