Hartford Democratic Spat Almost Over

Steve Goode at the Courant reports that the court fight between Democrats in Hartford over just who should be allowed on next week’s town committee primary ballot is winding down.

A court decision is expected this week.   At issue is both the makeup of the town committee — which has a strong voice in choosing who will serve as the city’s next mayor.

Thanks, Steve, for the update.


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One response to “Hartford Democratic Spat Almost Over

  1. Thom Page

    Jeff: To characterize this court challenge as a “spat” amongst democrats sorely misses the mark. As has been the case for several years, this current scenario is simply the latest result of charter reform not incorporating the depth, and therefore potential consequences, of Hartford’s voter apathy. We have accordingly witnessed an administration with the unbridled power to re- allocate unfettered amounts of municipal resources to furthering its personal political agenda, leaving those in opposition, be they democrats, republicans or independents, the only effective recourse but to privately finance a judicial challenge; and that choice has been as impractical as it has been utilized. We have endured eight years of unilateral interpretation of ordinances, charter provisions, city regulations and contracts; mismanagement, incompetence and complete disregard for government transparency. This, without so much as a reasoned debate on these matters from the City’s alleged balance of power mechanism, the Council. And the rejoinder to “correct it at the ballot box” has failed as well, while even good-meaning citizens have become disillusioned from the consequences of this deceptive withering away of our City’s stability and future. While I commend the press’ efforts to lay bare the abuses, I also implore them to resist this malady which has anesthetized our collective conscience.

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