Bysiewicz Give Up AG Bid? Not So Fast.

Rumors that Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz was going to give up her run for attorney general now appear off the mark.  Given the press release below, it seems more likely that she’ll ask a state court to declare her eligible for the office.

Bysiewicz’s opponents have argued that she doesn’t have the requisite 10 years in the active practice of the law needed to be attorney general.  She contends otherwise.  More from WNPR on this tomorrow.


Contact: David Mason: (860) 255-8304


(HARTFORD, CT) – Secretary of State and candidate for Attorney General Susan Bysiewicz will hold a press conference tomorrow, Thursday, February 18th at 11AM to announce steps to confirm her eligibility for the office of Attorney General in Hartford Superior Court.  Bysiewicz will be available for questions and will be joined by Democratic Party Chairwoman Nancy DiNardo and attorney Wesley Horton.

Law Offices of Horton, Shields, & Knox, P.C.
90 Gillette St. Hartford, CT

WHEN: This Thursday, Feb. 18, 2010
11:00 AM


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