Hartford Plan Of Conservation And Development

The city continues to make its way through the process of completing a new plan of conservation and development.

Last year, residents came up with bunches of suggestions to improve the city.  You can find them below.  On Thursday, there’s another “community listening session” — this one at 6:30 p.m. at the Metnzer Recreation Center at 680 Franklin Ave.  Here’s your chance to weigh in.

Top 20 Suggestions:

1.        Reduce automobile reliance

2.        Improve connectivity and walkability Downtown

3.        Create “complete” neighborhoods with centers

4.        Make Downtown streets vibrant, active, and interesting

5.        Create a stewardship program to maintain parks

6.        Improve the Downtown business climate/targeted tax incentives

7.        Create a Multi-Modal Transportation center at Union Station

8.        Strengthen civic education

9.        Improve Downtown retail— more mixed use buildings, stores of all sizes and expanded hours

10.     Create a public policy that puts pedestrians first

11.     Address public safety

12.     Establish a  “Greenprint” for vacant and underused buildings and surface parking lots Downtown

13.     Intensify environmental education

14.     Improve buses/trolley/shuttle Downtown

15.     Enhance neighborhood connectivity

16.     Strengthen Architectural Preservation Program

17.     Fill in the gaps in the streetscapes and surface parking lots city-wide

18.     Connect Downtown to area colleges

19.     Eliminate barriers to sustainability (zoning, tax code, etc)

20.     Implement a bold symbolic project Downtown


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